Sleep Slim Tea - $29 Per Bottle - Today Only + Bonuses - Sophisticated Review

Sleep Slim Tea – $29 Per Bottle – Today Only + Bonuses

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Sleep Slim Tea Benefits

  • 100% Natural.
  • Affordable.
  • Proven to reduce fat & boost your metabolism.
  • Supplies the body with all natural ingredients.
  • More Energy.
  • Improved health in general.
  • Rare organic ingredients.

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What Is Sleep Slim Tea ?

Actually, This new Sleep Slim Tea Formula Isdelicious more suitable and works a lot better than most of the supplements on the market.

It is combined with super super spices and powerful natural ingredients, you need for the so called deep sleep, which has positive impact on your speed fat burning process.

It’s a new method of getting rit of the annoying belly fat in a natural way, while you are sleeping and you don’t need to starve or anything like that.

This new Sleep Slim Tea is very powerful, because it contains only natural ingredients and will help you to fall asleep quickly and be in the phase of deep sleep, which is proven by researches to burn away the fat from your belly and in general improve your health.

It’s organic, Soy, Dairy, Gluten & GMO Free. Vegains can use it. It’s a done for you Sleep Slim Tea formula, which is very delicious at the same time is FDA Approved, NO GMO and it is made under strict rules.

You don’t need any exercises or going at the gym or sicking to annoying diets. You might be wondering, but it is fact, that when you supply your body with the right natural ingredients, we can start burn fat without diets ot being at the gym.

It was hard to find for them all these high quality organic and potent ingredients and they invested a lot of money and time.

The story was, first they could afford just little amount of this new tea. And when, some of the first people who tried it suddenly started to get fit into the skinny jeans.

Then Todd’s family members who noticed the joy in his eyes. Then their neighbors asked how they have lost so much weight quickly and they couldn’t believe it is possible.

After a few weeks, Todd decided, they need to make this popular and he quited his job, because he loved he could help other people also to access to Dan’s Sleep Slim Tea.

Should I Order Now ?

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Magnolia Bark Extract

Magnolia Bark is a powerful sleep promoter , because of its ability to help the mind and body by improving GABA activity. GABA is an important neuro­trans­mitter, which supports your brain shut down in order for you to fall asleep easier and stay asleep throughout the night.Research has proved that Magnolia Bark makes the the amount of time you spend in the deep, restorative sleep you need for optimal health and fat burning.


Magnesium is very important minerals to get quality sleep and its benefits to extend to your whole body. It also puts you to a relaxed state and it gets a lot easier to fall asleep easily and stay asleep all the night. Then being able to wake up and feel rested and more energized. It’s a very powerful mineral and inside of Sleep Slim Tea is a lot of it and it also aids in fat burning by promoting a healtier inflammatory response.


As you may know it is very good for our bones, but do you know that it also has a big major factor in the sleep cycle. Study by the European Neurology Journer notes that calcium levels during the deepest levels of sleep.

They found out that if you have low calcium, you can have disrupted sleep patterns and during the deepest sleep phase, but if you normalize the calcium levels, you can have your sleep restored.

Tumeric 4:1

This is another magical ingredients, which is inside the Slim sleep Tea formula. Tumeric is well known to improve your health, boost energy and fight disease.

And also recent studies revealed, that its powerful fat melting abilities help you improve the fat burning while you sleep and 4:1 variation is chosen, because it is the maximum strength tumeric out there, which gives additional power to contribute to your transformation.

Ginger Root Powder

For a lot of years, it has been used for insomnia helps to digestion and cure for inflammation. They know, it’s also good for reducing t he belly fat and achieving a flat tummy. Another news from massive review of scientific evidence published in the Annals of the Net York Academy of Scients, revealed, that the spice has a big factor in the fat burning, carbohudrate digestion and insulin secretion.

It is also shown to block the oxidative stress, which is form of cellular aging to have anti inflammatory abilities and decreaes cholesterol and blood pressure and it is a superfood.

Ashwagandha 2.5%

Ashwagandha is other superfood, which has been used for a lot of years to help with insomnia, lower stress, boost immunity, and have a healthy inflammatory response.Now, this centuries-old remedy for sleep is researched by science thanks to new study from the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine. They also said that it ihas great results in inducing the deep sleep you need to burn fat in the best way possible.


L-Glycine supports the body to make serotonin a hormone and neurotransmitter, which plays a factor role in deep and restful sleep. Also L-Glycine helps to regulate the body temperature, when you sleep, that gives you the chance to fall asleep faster and then to be in the deepest phase of fat burning sleep.

Cinnamon Bark Powder

This is a very good fat-melting ingredient in Sleep Slim Tea. It provides every cup a taste of nostalgia, which reminds you of great memories of food and drink with friends. However as good as it tastes, the real reason it’s in the formula is for it’s astounding fat-melting properties. Hundreds of studies reveal cinnamon is one of the most powerful ways you can boost your body’s natural fat burning.

Cardamom is packed with powerful nutrients and is a natural source of melatonin. Melatonin is your body’s main signal to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep, allowing you to attain the specific phase of deep sleep required to naturally burn away belly fat. In fact, cardamom powder has been used in Ayurvedic sleep tonics for centuries. And its healthy inflammatory-response properties support your weight loss goals


Another popular ingredient in Ayurvedic sleep tonics is Chamomile for its calming and sleep-inducing properties. Research has now revealed that its calming effects are attributed to an antioxidant called apigenin, which binds to specific receptors in your brain that decrease anxiety and initiate sleep. An even more recent study released in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology shows that it reduces anxiety. New evidence even shows that chamomile helps weight loss by curbing your appetite, detoxifying your body and promoting a healthy metabolism.

Black Pepper Extract 4:1

If you are worried your tea will taste like pepper don’t worry. And the reason they have included in the formulation is so that the restore abilities and fat-melting herbs and spices can reach your cells at full strength. You see the Black Pepper Extract blocks enzymes in your body that would otherwise break down the fat-melting ingredients and make them harder to absorb. Including it in the tea will boost the delivery of the fully powerful ingredients by as much as 2000%. It is especially powerful when combined with Turmeric.