PT Trim - $39 Per Bottle - Free Shipping - Save $300+ - Bonuses - Sophisticated Review

PT Trim – $39 Per Bottle – Free Shipping – Save $300+ – Bonuses

PT Trim Fat Burn is a new purple tea, that is made to melt down the fat from you.

What Is PT Trim Fat Burn ?

PT stands for pueple tea, trimming and burning the fat from your belly. It’s a unique fast burning formula, which utilizes a hidden power of the purple tea to lower your set point.

You can lose 20, 40 or even 60 pounds with it, without missing meals or going to another crazy diet or starving your favorite foods.

On top of that, it is all natural.

PT Trim Ingredients

Inside it contains

  • Purple tea(Camellia sinensis) leaf
  • Barberine hydrochloride
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Garcinia fruit extract

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PT Trim Bonuses

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