1k A Day Fast Track Review - Is Merlin Holme's Training Course For You ?

1k A Day Fast Track Review

Hi and welcome to my 1k A Day Fast Track Review ! Inside of it, you will learn everything you need to know about this training course. I have personally gone through it and got great results.

What Is 1k A Day Fast Track ?

Inside the program, the core thing of it is that, you will be taught how to build email lists and in very unique way. He will teach you the way to build email list using two pages(one pge polls and thank you page), they are easy to build and they convert really well. The students got really good results and the way everything

In fact, many successful and top earning marketers use the same system, which you will be taught to implement and they are really profitable. If, you think, there will be competition ,you don’t have to worry, because there are limitless of niches, you can implement this into.

You will get the hang of building huge email lists, because, you may have heard people saying, the money is in the list and it is actually true. If, you don’t build lists, you will be never profitable with any business long term.

Also, the creator will teach you how to set up automations and picking the right product.

There is no technical stuff, you will be taught how to get traffic, which is really cheap compared to Google & Facebook.

In the 1k a Day Fast Track, Merlin will share with you ad networks, that are a lot more affordable than the competitive and expensive ones.

The amazing tips and strategies, you will be taught by Merlin are really simple to stick to and very powerful. They are used by top marketers who make big profits online.

Actually a lot of them make a lot more thn 1k a day, when they scale.

There are a lot of students at any age, who already have results and you will be also able to have results and you will get the hang of building email list and using stunning poll pages, that convert like crazy. It’s very unique way, only successful marketers do and it is hidden for the average marketer, but you now have the chance to access it.

By going through the program/course, you will be guided in details, the way to make your own poll page, taking advantage of Merlin’s proven to work templates and setting up and configurating your email system to start getting traffic by utilizing second tier traffic sources, which are very affordable.

Most people don’t know that there are hidden networks, you can run ads on and what is even better, they are untapped and you can utilize them to get great results.

You will discover about other powerful networks to run ads on, which are 10 times cheaper than Facebook & Google. Inside all the essential things will be laid out for you by Merlin.

Keep in mind that this training program is made by a very successful marketer, Merlin Holmes and he has made a lot with affiliate marketing and has been clickbank platinum vendor.

It’s a six week course, that will teach you a simple way to leverage the power of email marketing, because it is the best way to grow an audience. You may have heard that the money is in the list.

Actually the system, which you will be taught is really powerful and it has been used by many top affiliates and actually it is not complicated as many people would think.

Many of the students of 1k A Day Fast Track COurse, already got results with the course and it is simple to implement by anyone even as a complete beginner.

The creator has put a lot of his knowledge inside, years of knowledge and he has invested alot of his experience inside the program.

It’s very powerful strategy and simple. Students from all over the world at any age use and has used it to grow massive email lists utilizing really simple poll pages. It’s really unique system and anyone can start using it.

In fact you may don’t know this, but a lot of top earning affiliates use the exact system to make most of their commissions .

It’s really powerful stuff. People at any age from any place in the world got results with this, because you don’t always need complicated stuff to make it happen.

The founder has done the program in a way, so anyone can start doing it and get results in the shortest amount of time.

It’s unique and one of a kind program and you will be able to grow massive email lists with it, which is the most important part of any business.

You will go step by step through the process to create your own polls utilizing proven templates by Merlin and setting your own email system to star getting traffic from second tier places, where the traffic is a lot more cheaper than the big platforms out there.

Merlin has been using the same system too to generate over $10,000 a day by just sending people emails and using the two page website.

There are many techniques online, which are profitable, but strategy like this is really powerful and at the same time very simple.

Inside The 6-Week 1k A Day Fast Track System

If, you are kind of lost, I want to tell you in a nutshell, systemaized, what you will get inshde the $1k a day 6 week training.

1k A Day Week 1 – Fast Commissions

In the first module of the program, which is 5 daay session.

You will learn the important things for fast commissions and they way you are able to get them.

This can be really important not only, if you are beginner marketer, but also advanced.

In the first wekk, you are gonna learn.

  • General information and introduction to 1k a day fast track.
  • Joining varios of affiliate programs from clickbank.
  • How to suceeed through the course modules.
  • Configuration of presell pages and affiliate links.
  • Having the right mindset to suceeed in this area.
  • Getting motivated to achieve your full potential.
  • Fast commissions and they way to get them.

1K A Day week 2 – Knowing Polls

Inside of this module, you will learn Merlin’s main secret, the polling. You will understand the whole science behind performing polls and the power of them.

It’s actually really important module of 1k a day fast track program to acheive success.

This week 2 module gets inside the researches, which backs up polling and how to utilize them in your advantage.

What Merlin goes over inside of this is

  • The science about polls and the reason they work very well
  • Crafting your first poll and the starting point.
  • Polling Part In Clickfunnels.
  • Setting up your own domain.
  • Landing Page and poll page customization.
  • Legal things, you need to have like – privacy policies, terms of service and others.

1K A Day Fast Track Week 3 – Emails

We alreaady mentioned how powerful polls can be and high converting.

This module will teach you the power of consistent contact with your customers.

In week 3 of the fast tracks program, you will learn

  • How important is the usage of email marketing software system.
  • Configurating your business email to your domain.
  • Setting up your SendLane account.
  • Integrating your email to SendLane
  • Integration SendLane To Clickfunnels
  • Writing and customizing your email templates
  • Crfting your own email automation sequences.

1K A Day Week 4– Automation

Achieving autopilot method of your business in the proper way to scale it up is worth it.

Inside the 4 module, you will learn the way to automate the whol e process.

The things, you will learn will be.

  • Utilizing Clickbank
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) Networks
  • Getting the hang of understanding metrics.
  • Getting an advantage over your competition
  • The hidden tip to the best offers

1K A Day Fast Track Week 5 – Native Ads

As, you know most paid traffic sources are know by ost people.

In this 5 week, Merlin will show the way to use native ads platform RevContent to get traffic.

In general, native ads are underestimated by a lot of marketers, but they are really good way to scale up.

In more details in this module, you will learn

  • What Is Native Advertising
  • Powerful Way To Drive Traffic
  • Setting up your traffic
  • Configurating RevContent Ads
  • What To Do If Your Ads Get Denied
  • Ad Targeting through RevContent

1K A Day Fast Track Week 6

In the last module of 1k a day fast track course, things will be covered about the coming things.

Merlin will go over upcoming streams of income.

In the sixth module will be discovered powerful money model.

The Biggest Advantage Of 1k A Day Fast Track Course

AFter, you go through it, you will be able to utilize a business model called affiliate marketing, which is one of the best busiensses, you can start today.

You don’t need to deal with customer support like with other businesses like dropshipping. No relying on SEO or other strategies that take long time to build up and see results.

You will be able to promote products with really high commissions up to 90% on both low ticket and high ticket products, by high , I mean $500+ commissions.

It’s the perfect business to start, especially with the current worldwide situation. You will not need to spend much on ads, because, you will discover untapped ad networks to tap into, which are 10x cheaper than the popular platforms out there.

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The Creator Of 1k A Day Fast Track

Merlin Holmes is a top marketer in the internet marketing industry. He is a proven expert with over 15 years of experience in this field and a lot of his knowledge he has plugged inside this course, so you can get the hang of marketing really fast and make good money in shorter amount of time.

Just imagine, if you invest years into learning something and you finally figure things out, but the best thing is, you will get this really fast now, by taking the valuble information and the strategy to set up a simple system really fast.

merlin holmes the creator of 1k a day fast track

He is a successful internet marketer for 16 years. He has personally generated over $100 000 000 online. Only 30 000 000 in clickbank alone.

A lot of his knowledge through his internet carrer he has put inside this course. The main thing of the program, what it will teach you, specifically, Merlin how to build email lists. He will teach you in very sophisticated way.

He is gonna teach you the way to grow email list with two page polls. They are very easy to build. They convert really well. The system is very fast, his students got really good results with it. Rapidly, you can grow your list and monetize with affiliate offers or your own offer.

How Does 1k A Day Fast Track System Work ?

The process is very simple.

You will use proven poll pages, which convert really good to craft emil list.

By doing that, you will monetize these people in the long term by offering them products or services, they are interested in, so you can make money.

Scaling up overtime is where everything gets even better, as you start collecting more leads.

Inside Of 1k A Day Fast Track

There will be tons of value, you will find.

You will be guided to create your accounts, finding the right product to promote to make profits and achieve huge ROI(Return On Investment) on your ads. Setting up poll pages , email system in short amount of time in the best way possible in order to drive results.

Learning the way to run ads in the proper way. And a lot more.

There is systematized everything, you need to get started and you will get a shortcut to what most successful marketers do in order to make big profits online.

You will get the exact system and knowledge, you need.

In the 6 week training course, you will be provided by the useful information to make money,in more details.

You will learn the core and most important things about affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Setting up your accounts and getting the accurate products to promote.

Configuration of your own pages, poll pages, autoresponders to make the process of sending emails to your people on autopilot.

Setting up ads to drive traffic to your pages and a lot more.

Also a lot of ways to get traffic by pid traffic on different networks, which are untapped and have huge potential.

Every week till you get to six weeks, you wil lgo through each details and don’t sky anything, because everything inside is very valuable and will have impact on your success.

All the things about the poll pages and thank you pages and the templates. That’s the things, which makes this system different from others. No other system does that and you will be provided with the right templates, which has been used by other people to build their businesses.

Utilizing these poll templates, they convert really well and drive a lot of people and all you need is to change the texts and images to promote the product, you have picked.

The good thing is, you can implement the things with any niche and product, you like, because this is valuable information, which applies to most products and niches.

You will have the templates for your emails to be plugged inside your autoresponder in order for you to make the process of sending emails, automatically to your people.

There will be also ad templates, you will have access to and the ad copies made by the creator, you can use for your paid ads campaigns to have higher CTR and get more traffic to your landing pages.

Can I Access 1k A Day Fast Track By Anywhere ?

Absolutely, it is cloud/web based and you can be anywhere, you just need a device with internet. But I’d recommend you to be at some place, where is calm so you can listen more carefully at the things inside.

You have lifetime access to it and you can access it anytime. Especially, if you are beginner, it’s really important to listen, because you will have information, that Merlin didn’t have the chance to have years ago, because he has gone through a lot of years of work to figure things out, simply due to the reason on the internet, there wasn’t information out there time ago.

Also big players in the game still hide their tips and strategy and you can now access and see how they do it.

Can I Achieve 1k A Day With This ?

1k a day with the fast tracks with merlin holmes

Actually, it’s really common for people that have taken this to earn even more than that in fastest amount of time with the right product, at the right time.

It’s up to you implement the strategies, you will discover inside. There are marketers that earn a lot online and you can be one of them, nothing stops you.

But the important thing is to apply everything, you will learn inside, because this is not some get rich quick scheme , it’s an actual training that provides people with results with a proven business model, that has been working for years.

And building your email list is one of the most important steps to have a successful business.

Advantages Of 1k A Day Fast Track

  • You Receive Really Valuable Information & Strategy, That Has Been used By Top Marketers.
  • Web Based And You Can Watch and Stick To The Training From Anywhere
  • You Will Learn How To Set Up Landing Pages ,Automations For Email Marketing.
  • And A Lot More
  • People Already Got Results, Because This Course Contributed To Their Success.

My Experience With 1k A Day Fast Track

At first, when I saw it, I was thinking that maybe it is the next scammy product online, which is not worth it. I was a little bit sceptical, because many people fall for them.

I decided to try it, because it also has money back guarantee and I don’t regret. It’s one of the least quality trainings out there and the guy who teaches is among the best marketers online.

In the past, I tried many different ways to earn something online from surveys , micro jobs , also dropshipping, but from all the methods affiliate marketing is the best in my opinion and experience.

Everyone can get started and the most amazing thing is, you will have a training by very experienced person and you will get a shortcut to successful system to utilize and valuable information.

Who Is 1k A Day Fast Track For ?

If, you are reading this review, I guess, it’s really good choice for you. It’s suitable for all kind of people over the world. No matter what you age, current status, profession or other things. You will be able to make good money, furthermore to improve your skills as a marketer and become really qualified in short amount of time.

If, you want to make money, invest, become a marketer by taking a shortcut to the success, then this is for you.

This is perfect solution to anyone who wants to take advantage of the big internet marketing world and become successful to achieve financial freedom.

The statistics are that affiliate marketing is growing each year at a lot of rates, furthermore the current worldwide situation contributes to that, which is a huge advantage, because more and more people are online and can utilize this big trend.

No matter, where you live, what job you are at currently or any of this stuff, anyone can make money with affiliate marketing now.

The only people who 1k A Day Fast Track is not for are people who are not ready to implement the simple, but very powerful strategy and information, you will receive inside by Merlin.

This can potentially bring you a lot of profits online, because it’s training inside, which is shared a lot of valuable stuff and the system, you need to apply is very simple, but powerful.

Final Conclusion About 1k A Day Fast Track

This is not some of these fast push button softwares, that promise you to make money by pushing button. It’s not a software, but a proven to work training for many people around the world by 7 figure affiliate/internet marketer, Merlin Holmes with a lot of experience and knowledge, that he has invested into the training program, so people can get results.

The training by Merlin is perfectly laid out for you, so you can take the best out of it to get results and make money online.

I am also one of the people who invested into this training. If, you are from the people who are wondering whether to get 1k A Day Fast Track, I would highly recommend it.

>> Start Your Journey With Merlin’s Webinar For 1k A Day Fast Track.

In this review, I shortly revealed the course, so if you are interested to learn even more ,click the green button below. In my opinion, it’s the perfect training course by a successful marketers who has earned a lot online, because you get in really short amount of time, what big experts have spent years to figure out and implement.

When, I personally took the 1k A Day Fast Track, I started getting results like this. That was the first month, after I applied everything that is taught inside.

Results may by different, but 90% of the students get results with it, furthermore, if you are consistent, your chances are even higher.

This can potentially change life for some people depending on your country, of course. Keep in mind that this is almost all profit. I invested like $500 to paid ads and got $2600, which is insane ROI, especially with the high converting Poll Pages.

I am still scaling up and getting more results like this and even higher.


1k A Day Fast Track

$997 & Webinar Is Free








  • Proven Course, That Can Bring You 1k
  • Tested Templates
  • Learning & Implementing Email Marketing
  • Utilizing Cheaper Ad Networks


  • The Course Might Be Expensive For Some People

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